Empowering women one skin concern at a time.

Empowering women one skin concern at a time.

As our first birthday is almost here, let us take time to appreciate Women, the ones who have supported us since day one.

Let’s take a moment to discuss what being a woman means to each of us. What power does this month harness and what is it remembered for. If there is anything that the 20,000 women who marched to the Union Buildings on August 9, 1956 in protest against the extension of the Pass Laws to women taught us, it is to believe strongly and make positive changes in your respective fields. 

One such woman who is cementing her purpose in her chosen industry is Shaista Sophia, Medical Pharmacist and Founder of South Africa’s first intimate skincare range SKINSTEM™. With this skincare range specifically made for your V-area, Sophia is breaking taboos and forcing education around proper skincare in places that people don’t want to talk about. 

Let's hear what Shaista has to say:

“As a Pharmacist I was always interested in skincare. Behind SKINSTEM™ we aim to provide woman with a voice, break boundaries by creating conversations around topics that are taboo and encourage woman to be authentic and appreciate their V-areas. I have always had a burning desire to create something that advocates for proper self-care, healing and confidence for women. A lot of my patients would ask my advice about treating their intimate areas and concerns they were having. They were unsure where to go and what to do. That’s when I decided to find solutions and create a brand for the V area which I like to call the flower,” explained Sophia. 

When it comes to talking about your intimate areas, many people shy away from the topic. The only way we can navigate through these socially erected taboos and overcome them is to start conversations where we question the norms. We need to be asking women how they feel about their V-areas, what are their challenges when it comes to their skin down there, what skin concerns do they suffer with and effectively promote the outcome of more confident women who are able to be their ultimate self – everyday. 

“We have observed during the time of this brand’s existence and through having meaningful conversations with our customers and being actively involved in women’s groups that intimate skincare is actually essential to women. With skin concerns such as pigmentation, ingrown hairs, texture, bumps and sensitivity – the only answer is talking about the skin care that can help ease the uncomfortability”, added Sophia. 

Creating change in this industry is essential. Not only in breaking taboos but also by offering  innovative, effective and inclusive intimate skincare and healthcare solutions for every women. The range has three unique, well-formulated and researched products that offer you cleansing, exfoliating, treatment and moisturising benefits, namely: the V cream, V exfoliator and V serum. This is a luxurious range of products that are affordable to the everyday woman. 

“Embrace your uniqueness, celebrate your individuality, support and uplift other women, prioritise self-care, continue learning and growing, speak up and be heard, use your voice to advocate for yourself and others, and contribute to meaningful conversations. Break barriers and challenge stereotypes and last but not least, be kind to yourself. Remember that no one is perfect and it's okay to have moments of vulnerability. Treat yourself with kindness and compassion”

We hope that this was an empowering and inspiring read for you today. Thank you for stopping by, chat soon!


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