Why intimate skincare might be your wellness sweet spot.

Why intimate skincare might be your wellness sweet spot.

Skincare is no longer just for your face. Intimate skincare bridges the gap between beauty, sexuality and intimate wellness. The next generation of skincare is here with products designed with both your top drawer and your top shelf in mind. 

Intimate Skincare isn't just a fun and trendy topic, it's necessary for the wellness of the delicate skin o your intimate area. Today we're learning all about why Intimate Skincare is a must.

Shaista Sophia, Medical Pharmacist and Founder of South Africa’s first intimate skincare range SKINSTEM™ explained that: “The next frontier in the wellness world is intimate care and sexuality. This is a topic that is not often spoken about freely and people remain hesitant to lean into what real wellness is all about and how to effectively achieve it.”

This taboo is slowly being broken with celebrities such as Dakota Johnson, Cara Delevingne and Lily Allen partnering up with brands to create sophisticated pleasure items and intimate care that speaks to the values of a new generation.

“These days, the skincare industry as we know it, is finally starting to recognise that our penchant for elevated, aesthetically-pleasing products does not just stop at the skincare we use – people crave good formulas and sleek packaging in our top drawers and our top shelves,” added Sophia. 

Beauty and overall wellness are closely linked. When you desire to feel fully confident and carefree, you should also be considering the parts that aren’t naturally visible to the public, nonetheless, those parts add to your overall wellbeing, and feeling of being carefree. 

Intimate skincare can be perceived as luxury products. A treat or bonus when you want to spoil yourself. SKINSTEM™ however aims to break this concept, making V-care essential for overall wellbeing. The products are cleverly designed to complement the delicate eco-system around your V-area, with formulas that cleanse, exfoliate and nourish the external intimate area without disturbing the skin’s natural pH and microbiome. They also come in beautiful, aesthetically-pleasing packaging that is perfectly suited to your shower. The V-collection includes a gentle yet powerful V-exfoliator, an effective V-serum and a moisturising V-cream

“Intimate skincare is championing a wellness revolution. With our products we aim to give women back their confidence through overall wellness. Don’t see this as another skincare routine but simply put, an investment in yourself, your body and its magical powers. When you desire to be confident, let it come from the inside out. Invest in these tips to achieve your ultimate self, making intimate skincare your wellness sweet spot:” 

~ Don’t perceive looking after yourself as a treat, make it a habit. 

~ Invest in You! This means your mind, body and soul. 

~ Be conscious about your wellness. Ask yourself what does this mean and how can you achieve it. 

~ Embrace your skin, in its entirety, look after it and reap the benefits. 

~ Lastly, you deserve to be confident. Claim it! 

We hope you learnt something new, and have a new excitement about your intimate care!


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